Sheriff's Sales

Sheriff sales are held in the Bremer County Sheriff’s Office Lobby at 10:00 AM on the designated day. Sales are published in the Waverly Newspaper at least four weeks prior to the sale and one time thereafter. The sales are also posted at two local banks (Fidelity Bank & Trust and First Bank), Bremer County Courthouse, and Bremer County Sheriff’s Office Lobby.


Prior to the date of the sale the mortgage company will submit a sealed bid which will be the starting bid. If you are interested in bidding on the property you will need to bring a letter of credit from your bank with you at the time of the sale. If you successfully bid on the property, the full amount will need to be brought to the Bremer County Sheriff's Office no later then 4:00 PM the same day of the sale via certified check. This must either be done by cash or a cashier's check. Failure to provide the funds will result in the sale being held again after a three day postponement. See code section 626.81 for details.


The Bremer County Sheriff's Office does not have keys or access to the property up for sale. You will need to contact the current homeowner to view the property.

Current Sales:
July 16, 2024: 517 1st Ave NE; Waverly Levy & Sale

August 20, 2024; 1204 Bridle Spur Ct; Waverly Levy & Sale


If you have any questions, please call the Bremer County Sheriff’s Office at 319-352-5400.