Sheriff Dan Pickett

The Office of the Sheriff
The office of the Sheriff was instituted when the State of Iowa was granted Statehood in 1846. As the only elected law enforcement officer, the Office of Sheriff is unique in that the Sheriff is directly accountable to the people.

Sheriff Dan Pickett

513_DSC_4638Sheriff Dan Pickett took office January 1, 2013. His law enforcement career began in Nora Springs, Iowa in June of 1978 as a part-time patrol officer. He was hired in November of 1979 as a part-time patrol officer in Janesville, Iowa and was promoted to Chief of Police in January 1981. His career with the Bremer County County Sheriff’s Office began in February of 1984. He was a Patrol Deputy that served papers, handled calls, transports, and many other duties as needed for the Sheriff’s Office. He was promoted in October of 2001 to Lieutenant and was in charge of the civil and patrol division. He was appointed Chief Deputy in July of 2002.


Sheriff Pickett is married to Tammy and they have three daughters: Miranda, Breanna, Kayla, and Grandson Brantley.


Dan Pickett, Bremer County Sheriff (Serving since 1984)


Office: 319-352-5400 Ext.4100