Detective Jason Ellison
Investigations Division

242_image - Copy (3)Jason Ellison is assigned to the Detective position. Before his law enforcement career he worked for the Iowa Department of Corrections. He worked at Anamosa State Penitentiary and Newton Correctional Facility as a Corrections Officer. His law enforcement career began in 2010 when he was hired by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked as a patrol Deputy. He was hired by the Bremer County Sheriff’s Office in June of 2015 as a patrol Deputy. In October of 2015 he was assigned to the full time Detective position. Jason is a Taser instructor, defensive tactics instructor, and A.L.I.C.E. active shooter response instructor.

Criminal Investigations are primarily worked by the Detective. Deputies assist with investigations and have training in specific areas including: death investigations, crime scene investigation, evidence collection, photography, sexual assault investigations, property crimes, criminal intelligence, and other related fields. The Bremer County Sheriff’s Office often assists other police departments within Bremer County with investigations when requested.



Two Deputies are also assigned to work drug investigations in addition to their patrol duties. These Deputies also are trained in numerous aspects of drug investigations including interdiction, criminal intelligence, surveillance and clandestine laboratory detection and clean up. These Deputies are part of the Tri-County Drug Task Force based out of Waterloo. They also work with the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement.



The Investigations Division is also tasked with the collection, storage and disposition of all evidence. Two Deputies are assigned as property officers. These officers are responsible for receiving, documenting and storage of all items of evidence. Items requiring testing are sent to the State Crime Lab in Ankeny which is run by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. The property officers are responsible for preparing evidence for use in criminal trials and providing that evidence to the prosecutor of the case. All evidence collected is disposed of pursuant to Iowa Code.


If you have information about a crime or an ongoing investigation you can e-mail the information to: or you may call the 24 hour Communications Center at 319-352-5400 option 3.