Communications Division


The Communications Division is responsible for answering general information calls and non-emergency calls as well as 9-1-1 emergency calls. (TDD capable) They dispatch and log the appropriate units or agencies to each call for service, enter warrants of arrest, no contact (protective) orders, missing persons, stolen vehicles and items, and identity theft information. Severe weather sirens are activated by dispatchers. They monitor alarms for the courthouse and phone-in alarms for many businesses and residences.



Dispatch/ Communications Staff

Leya Betz, Dispatcher Supervisor (Serving since 2007)
Gena Miller, Dispatcher (Serving since 2020)
Kiley Lang, Dispatcher (Serving since 2021)
JP May, Dispatcher (Serving Since 2022)
Brittany Froning, Dispatcher (Serving Since 2022)
Sandra Velador, Dispatcher (Serving Since 2022)
Brittaney Kammeyer, Dispatcher (Serving Since 2023)


Wayne Meyer, Custodian (Serving since 2005)

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