Civil / Records Division

Civil Division

Bremer County serves in excess of 2,000 civil proceedings a year. These include original notices, court orders, writs, general executions, sheriff sales, condemnations, subpoena and all other papers related to civil process. Civil fees are charged and collected and documentation is very critical. One secretary is responsible for processing and overseeing each of these civil proceedings.

Civil papers needing service may be emailed to the Sheriff's Office at

Records Division

The Records Department is responsible for the maintenance, computerization and storage of all records generated by patrol and investigative and jail personnel. The records include, but are not limited to; incident reports, investigative reports, correspondence related to an incident, citations and internal documents. The Records Departmentmaintains inactive jail files, fingerprint cards and mug shots as part of its centralized records and identification functions. Our secretaries respond to a wide range of requests from the general public, news medial, other law enforcement agencies including records checks, open records requests and general information relating to reporting to state and federal agencies.

Fee Schedule  
 Accident Report $5.00 
 Criminal Record $15.00
 Driving Record $10.00
 Fingerprinting $5.00 
 Photograph Copies $25.00
 Video Copies $25.00
 Incident Report $5.00


Office Staff:

Kayla, Office Mgr/Civil Secretary (Serving since 2007)

Kari, Records Clerk & Law Center Records (Serving since 2017)