Sportsmen License Fees

Fishing license, habitat fee, trout and lifetime fishing for those 65 years and older and various special licenses are sold at the Recorder's Office.  We can also issue non-resident licenses.  All duplicate licenses are $4.50 per item.

Fishing License Fees
Fishing (16 yrs. And older) $19.00
Lifetime Fishing (65 yrs. And older) $52.50
7-day resident $13.50
Trout Fee $12.50
Trotline $22.50
Bait Dealer $32.50
Fishing (14yrs. And older) $41.00
7-day non-resident $32.00
Trout Fee $15.00
Trotline $42.50

If you were born after January 1, 1972, you must satisfactorily complete a Hunters Education Course in order to obtain a hunting license.  Please call the Recorder's Office for more information. 

Hunting License Fees
Hunting  $19.00
Lifetime Hunting (65 yrs. And older) $52.50
Fur Harvester (under 16 yrs old) $7.50
Fur Harvester (16 yrs and older $22.50
Migratory Bird Fee $10.00
Habitat Fee $13.00
Ginseng Harvest $37.00
Ginseng Grower $2.00
Taxidermy $17.50
Hunting (18yrs and older) $112.00
Hunting (under 18yrs old) $32.00
Deer, Antlered of Any sex $426.00
Deer Antler-less Only $228.50
Turkey  $102.50
Fur Harvester $202.00
Migratory Bird Fee $10.00
Habitat Fee $13.00
Ginseng Harvest $67.00
In addition, a Non-Resident Hunting   
License and Habitat Fee is required