Pictures of Vanguard Employees

Each Vanguard employee has had a full background check and will have a photo ID signed by the Bremer County Assessor identifying them as such. All law enforcement agencies will be notified of Vanguard employees’ names involved in the project, auto license numbers, and will be informed of the areas where data collectors are working.  Vanguard employees below:

HANNAM_ROSS 2024 reval - Copy
Ross Hannam

KANNEGIETER_CLINTON  2024 reval - Copy
Clinton Kannegieter 

Greg Kutzer

Max McChesney - Copy

Max McChesney

Seth Niichel - Copy (2)
Seth Niichel

James Omeara - Copy (2)
James Omeara

Justin Joerger - Copy - Copy
Justin Joerger

VanguardEmployee_robertb (2)
Bob Bellmer