How to Protest the Value of your Property

How to protest your Valuation

Anytime during the year the Bremer County Assessor’s Office is happy to answer a property owner’s questions and concerns in regard to their property. A request can be made to physically review the property for the current assessment year and an office representative will stop when working in the area or by appointment (We will have an issued Bremer County ID & Bremer County vehicle).

Assessment notices are required by Iowa Code 441.23 to be mailed by April 1st for any valuation or classification changes to a property for the current assessment year. After April 1st a property valuation for the current assessment year of January 1st cannot be made unless an owner requests either:

a.) An informal review of assessment according to Iowa Code 441.30 The time frame for an informal review is April 2nd thru April 25th annually. After the Assessor’s office reviews the property, a signed agreement will need to be made to change the valuation. Only a request needs to be made for an informal review of a property.
b.) A formal Petition to the Board of Review confined to grounds in Iowa Code 441.37. The time frame for a petition to Board of Review on or after April 2nd to and including April 30th of the year of assessment. Petitions not filed in a timely manner will be denied by the Board of Review.
c.) A Disaster Counties Petition to the Board of Review pursuant to Iowa Code 441.37(1)(a)(a). The time frame to file a protest is extended to include the period May 25th to June 5th if declared after March 1st and prior to May 20th of assessment year. (Applies to Bremer County 2020, see below)

A property owner can obtain a petition to the Board of Review from the:

a.) Bremer County Assessor’s Office
b.) Beacon website on a property’s listing report (bottom of listing, forms section) (click here)
c.) Iowa Department of Revenue (click here)

The Board of Review is composed of three members from various occupations and areas of the assessing jurisdiction appointed by the Conference Board. The Board operates independently of the Assessor's office and has the power to confirm or to adjust upward or downward any assessment.  (See Rules of Procedure)

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Review you may appeal to district court or Property Assessment Appeals Board (PAAB) within twenty days after adjournment of said Board, or twenty days after May 31st, whichever is the latest. Forms to PAAB can be found:


***Declaration of Disaster 4-1-2020 Iowa Department of Revenue
Order 2020-02 Granting Certain Extensions Under Iowa Code Section 441.37(1)(a)(1)

Extension authorizing Boards of Review in each city and county to remain in session until June 15, 2020 and extending the time for filing a protest to include the period from May 25, 2020 to June 5, 2020.

On March 23, 2020, President Donald Trump declared that a major disaster exists in the state of Iowa and ordered Federal assistance to support recovery efforts in the areas affected by the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. As a result, pursuant to Iowa Code section 441.37(1)(a)(1), the Director of the Department of Revenue hereby issues the following Order:

A. Extension of Board of Review Period
The Boards of Review in each city and county in the State of Iowa are hereby authorized to remain in session until June 15, 2020.

B. Extension of Time to File a Protest

The period for filing a protest with the Board of Review under Iowa Code section 441.37 is hereby extended to, and includes the period from May 25, 2020 to June 5, 2020.