Public Health Data
Iowa Health and Human Services maintains comprehensive data and surveillance systems that monitor health, emerging health issues, and more. Follow the links below to learn about data indicators for Bremer County residents and more.

Bremer County System Snapshot
To establish a baseline for monitoring outcomes for the Health and Human Services system in Iowa, Iowa Health and Human Services created county system snapshots. The snapshots include demographic information as well as 15 key indicators that describe social, economic, and environmental factors, as well as healthy behaviors and outcomes. To view Bremer County's System Snapshot, click here.

Iowa Public Health Tracking Portal
The Iowa Public Health Tracking Portal serves as a centralized source for public health data. The portal includes data from a variety of sources in the following categories: health effect data, environmental hazard data, exposure data, other data. 

**For county and state level data visualizations, click on the links below and then scroll down the page utilizing the navigation bar/menu on the right side to find the data of interest. **

Health Tracking Community Data Tracking Environment
Asthma Baby Names Air Quality
Birth Defects Deaths Climate
Cancer Population Characteristics Public Drinking Water
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Reproduction and Birth Private Well Water
General Health Status    
Heart Attacks    
Heat-related Illness    
Hepatitis C    
Lead Poisoning    
Lyme Disease    
Oral Health    
Sexually Transmitted Diseases    
Substance Use and Misuse