Foodborne Disease
About the Program:
The Bremer County Health Department works to protect and preserve the health of Bremer County citizens by monitoring, investigating, and providing education on foodborne diseases in Bremer County.

The Black Hawk County Health Department is responsible for prevention, education, enforcement  and investigation of food establishments in Bremer County.  The Black Hawk County Health Department/Northeast Iowa Inspections contracts with the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA) to enforce the 2013 FDA Food Code and Supplement in Bremer County.

If you wish to report a non-illness complaint about a food establishment in Bremer County, please click here.

If you believe you have become ill due to food poisoning from a Bremer County food establishment, please contact the Iowa Department of Public Health toll-free at 1-844-IowaSic (469-2742) or click here.
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