The Bremer County Conservation Board currently manages two native prairies.

Brooks/Lease Prairie
Brooks/Lease Prairie Map

In May of 1999, the Bremer County Conservation Board acquired an 8.2 acre prairie remnant on the west edge of Sumner. The prairie site was formerly a railroad right-of-way and contains over 90 species of wildflowers and prairie grasses. The prairie contains Bottle Gentians, Compass Plant, Shooting Star, Blazing Star, Rattlesnake Master, Indian grass, Big & Little Bluestem, plus many other prairie species.


The area is used for Monarch Butterfly habitat and occasional hikes.

Warren Township Cemetery Prairie
Warren Township Cemetery Map

The Bremer County Conservation Board took over management duties of the Warren Township Cemetery Prairie in 1987. Ownership was transferred to Bremer County Conservation in 2002. The cemetery prairie is located 1 mile northeast of Waverly at 2101 Garden Avenue. Over 33 graves can be found at the cemetery, 26 of which have been identified. Tombstones range from the years 1855 to 1901. Hubert Higgins, a Civil War Veteran is buried in the cemetery. Mr. Higgins served in the 14th Regiment of the Iowa Volunteer Infantry.


Since the cemetery was established so early in the county’s history, many of the prairie plants have survived there among the tombstones. Over 128 species of flora can be found in the small prairie, including side-oats grama, yellow coneflower, spiderwort, prairie clover, and prairie dropseed.

To the north of the area, Wartburg College manages Lageschulte Prairie. This 5.8 acre prairie contains 184 flora species.

Winzenburg Prairie
Winzenburg Prairie Map